Sector Focused, Strategically Flexible

To execute our three primary strategies of Development, Renovation, and Debt, Carmel has an extensive team of professionals that is focused on identifying and sourcing potential multifamily investment opportunities.

Each market is led by acquisition and development professionals who are responsible for maintaining a market presence and identifying demographic trends within the market.

Investment opportunities are sourced through a variety of resources, including established relationships and brokers, and through direct contact work within a specific submarket.

Once an investment is made for each of our three types of strategies, we begin executing processes that are unique to each of them. Properties are expertly managed to optimize outcomes through a variety of mechanisms.



Dedicated Development and Construction Management Team

  • Acquire attractive sites in supply constrained markets
  • Develop new high-quality assets
  • Manage asset to optimize financial and operational performance


Dedicated Acquisitions Team

  • Acquire existing assets in need of redevelopment
  • Renovate and reposition underperforming properties through capital improvements and re-branding
  • Manage asset to optimize financial and operational performance


Dedicated Debt Investment Team

  • Opportunistically invest in high-yield debt positions
  • Platform and proprietary modeling enable effective risk management

Development and Construction Management

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Carmel’s great depth of in-house expertise includes our dedicated Development and Construction Management Team, which enables us to source attractive sites directly from sellers for new multifamily assets and control the opportunity through the full lifecycle of our projects.

We believe our ability to control the process from start to finish is critical to the efficient deployment of capital, the quality of our craftsmanship, and the effective management of these assets through stabilization and realization.


Development projects are underwritten and constructed following a methodology described as the “Carmel C”, a defined development process guide intended to monitor and communicate decisions and progress.


Our team of talented professionals have the expertise to execute the full range of the development process, collaborating with each other every step of the way.

  • Sourcing, including site identification, underwriting and entitlements.
  • Underwriting and building programming throughout the entitlement process and into completed schematics.
  • Real-time input regarding hard costs and constructability throughout the process from the Construction team.
  • Producing construction documents and proposing value enhancement and value engineering opportunities.
  • Tracking and reporting of budget and schedule status.
  • Bringing “owner-builder” guidance throughout the construction process to ensure high quality and efficient construction.