Mission and Values

How we work together.

When our leadership team wanted to define that set of values that would be both authentic and aspirational–a guide to being our best–they looked to our employees for help. Over the course of a year, we organized five in-person workshops, where leadership sought input and feedback from over 150 employees from all regions, departments, and levels. The project culminated in the launch of the mission and values below, along with the establishment of the Carmel Values Committee to ensure the integration of our values into the daily fabric of life at Carmel, and to sustain our focus on living these values long after the workshops were done.

Our Mission

We create exceptional multifamily communities that enrich lives and neighborhoods.

Our Values

We are one team

We communicate and work together

We leverage the skills of others and the organization–we don’t do it alone

We trust in the process and the people who do it

We engage in healthy debate to drive the best outcome

We celebrate each other and the results of our teamwork

We treat one another with consideration

We respect and make room for each other’s diverse perspectives, voices, and backgrounds

We encourage new ideas and approaches

We think and behave like an owner and hold ourselves to the highest standards

We are empowered to make decisions and own our results

We take a long-term view and do what is best for our investments, our people, our company and our communities

We love what we do, and we have fun together

We are proud of our mission and what we create

We value work-life harmony

We earn trust by being ethical, honest, and transparent

We are accountable–we do what we say we will do

We are good stewards of our investors’ capital

We are dedicated to continuous professional and personal growth

We seek to not only ‘fix’ a problem, but creatively apply ourselves to the discipline necessary to ‘solve’ the underlying cause

We make well informed decisions based on data, experience, and best practices

We support innovation and thoughtful risk-taking

Gonzalo Testimonial

“As a construction professional, I pride myself on being a team player and building projects to the highest standard. Carmel empowers its employees to think with an owner’s mindset. We are all part of a large team that strives to succeed in all aspects of construction as well as making an impact in the community.”

Gonzalo L.

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Our Culture

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We cultivate engagement and a sense of belonging so that Carmel can build communities that thrive.

The Benefits

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Benefits play a key role in your choice of employer, ours are designed to help you thrive, whether you are at work or play.

A Place For You

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Here at Carmel, we don’t just build buildings, we build careers and diverse teams of unique talent.

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