Case Studies

Our work spans across all aspects of ESG. Here you can read how our policies come to life by being applied in real-life situations.

Wardman Park

Wardman Park Full Aspect Ratio 366 231

We seek to minimize waste and promote sustainability across our development processes, as exemplified by Wardman Park.


Lumen Gateway Photo Aspect Ratio 366 231

Energy efficiency and environmental performance play a key role in the design of this project.

The People Concern

Tpc Luncheon Aspect Ratio 366 231

One of Carmel’s many corporate alliances is with this organization dedicated to housing formerly unhoused individuals in new Los Angeles developments.

Women In Construction

Loni 2022 Sq Aspect Ratio 366 231

Providing resources and mentorship to support women in the construction field, this group now spans Carmel’s markets.

Note: While Carmel Partners believes ESG+R factors can enhance long-term value, Carmel Partners does not pursue an ESG-based investment strategy or limit its investments to those that meet specific ESG criteria or standards. Any such considerations do not qualify Carmel Partner’s objectives to maximize risk-adjusted returns.