Carmel is led by our Executive Committee and a strong leadership team across the country who work to implement best practices and guide our business toward continuous improvement and long-term success.

Many of these leaders are members of Carmel’s four governing committees which are responsible for overseeing Carmel’s strategy, operations and each Fund’s investment activities. Each committee helps pilot our success by bringing different expertise and backgrounds, and we encourage cross-collaboration wherever possible.



  • Sets our long-term strategy
  • Approves the annual budget and operating plan


  • Implements the long-term strategy set forth by the Executive Committee
  • Sets our annual goals, leads our people initiatives, and oversees our day-to-day operations


  • Implements our Funds’ respective investment strategies through management of our investment processes
  • Convenes to approve investment opportunities with a majority vote of its members


  • Executes Carmel’s investment thesis, and establishes and monitors the Funds’ respective strategies
  • Optimizes the composition and performance of underlying Fund properties, and makes final decisions regarding property operations, financing and disposition

Advisory Board

Our executives are supported by an Advisory Board, consisting of three independent members who meet twice annually to provide insights and guidance to Carmel’s CEO and leadership team.

Note: While Carmel Partners believes ESG+R factors can enhance long-term value, Carmel Partners does not pursue an ESG-based investment strategy or limit its investments to those that meet specific ESG criteria or standards. Any such considerations do not qualify Carmel Partner’s objectives to maximize risk-adjusted returns.