Women In Construction

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  • Established March 2021
  • Includes all Carmel regions
  • Members hold a variety of positions, including Project Managers, Superintendents, Construction Coordinators, Construction Systems Manager and Design Directors
  • MISSION STATEMENT: To create an environment that empowers women in construction to be the best versions of themselves through networking, leadership, and allyship.

Built on the vision of veteran Loni Revercomb, Senior Vice President, and Head of Construction for Denver, Carmel’s Women in Construction (WIC) group started in March 2021 with just nine women participating. Loni’s idea for the group stemmed from the real-life challenges she faced working in the field on construction sites over the course of her own career. Her goal was to establish an initiative that supports the women of Carmel Partners Construction, provides them with resources and mentorships, and helps them navigate the industry. She also hopes to kickstart a long-term change in the industry as a whole, so that more women choose to join the field. WIC began by celebrating Women in Construction Week in 2021 with guest speakers, book reviews and a yoga class.

Today, the group spans all of Carmel’s markets. Loni runs the group with support from Development and Construction Coordinator, Sabrina DeGenova, and continues to host quarterly meetings where guest speakers from judges to CEO’s of subcontractor companies share their own experiences and advice for building a career.

WIC has worked to improve communication with an online chat feature to share updates, resources, and to plan events. Resources include access to other women in construction groups as well as relevant books and podcasts.

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Loni Revercomb
Loni Revercomb

Carmel Women's Committee (CWC)

Inspired by Loni and the WIC group, in early 2023 two corporate employees launched the Carmel Women’s Committee at Carmel’s San Francisco corporate headquarters, with the goal of helping to foster a supportive work environment that promotes equal opportunities for women and encourages their growth and success.

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