Ronnie Gibbons

Ronnie Gibbons joined Carmel Partners in 2018 as Director, Development Execution. As Senior Vice President, Development, he is responsible for regional development leadership for the growing Washington, D.C. region. Mr. Gibbons evaluates feasibility, performs sub-market due diligence, structures transactions, and oversees the entire execution process.

His background includes over 15 years of experience in multifamily residential construction, mixed-use, retail, and commercial development. Prior to Carmel, Mr. Gibbons served as Development Director at both Monument Realty and Foulger-Pratt in Washington D.C., where he was responsible for the entire development process for multiple projects from pre-construction to completion and oversaw the design team and project consultants throughout all phases of the process.

Mr. Gibbons received a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Maryland and a master’s degree in economics from Georgetown University.